A Place Called Home

by Ken Verheecke

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don woehler
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don woehler this album is a memory i have next to a lake..
where i heard the movement and motion of the water's..
how they explain the presence and direction of Ruach Haqodesh..
only He knows what i mean..
that being said,its a special place ✨


Ken's first all acoustic instrumental guitar project. A very popular release... and Ken's ALL time best selling album!

"A Place Called Home is one of those rare albums that not only showcases an exceptional guitarist at the peak of his craft, but shows how a truly gifted composer, even with only a single instrument at his disposal, can write subtle and straightforward pieces of immense emotional and musical depth. Is this folk music? Is this adult contemporary? Is it some kind of ambient Americana? Amazingly, the answer to all of these questions is ‘yes’. This disc truly has something for everyone. Listen to this music NOW."

–Darrell Burgan of Blue Water Records, May 2004

"I referred to a place called home as “an acoustic ambient album” in my earlier review and I stand by that statement. The music would easily fill a room with peace, calm, and invite the listener to indulge in reflection or remembrance of a most pleasant variety. Of course, direct listening would allow you to delve into Verheecke’s talent and this new re-mastering is ideal for just that since now the tone and clarity of his guitar sparkles like dew on morning grass. a place called home may be the perfect CD to play while driving the back roads of rural America in the early evening with the sun tinting the western sky orange, then pink, then deep violet-blue. If you have to restrict your traveling to the armchair type, though, the album will still serve you in excellent stead, guiding you in your mind’s eye through a landscape of rolling hills, wheat fields glowing golden in the sun, and the day’s end promise of arriving home, a tasty dinner waiting on the table, and good cheer from loved ones to greet you. Simply put, it doesn’t get any better than this CD. I have fallen in love with a place called home all over again and with this newly spiffed-up version, the recording wins my highest recommendation and is nigh essential for all lovers of acoustic guitar music."

- reviewed by Bill Binkelman (Zone Music Reporter) on 6/19/2006


released June 17, 2004

Recorded at Wind & Wheat Music Studio during Jan. and Feb. 2004.


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Ken Verheecke Cheboygan, Michigan

Guitarist & Composer based in Northern Michigan

Support Ken's music at: patreon.com/kenverheecke

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